Writer and artist, Cheryl Petty lives in Northern California and works in Beijing, PR China.

"Share my passion for adventure."

art 1985 - los angeles art scene

Cheryl West Petty at SAM presents Downtown Los Angeles 1985

Sat. September 12, 2015 - 5:00PM

Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1985, Cheryl Petty

Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1985, Cheryl Petty

wounds of attachment 

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Second in the series, 'An american in Beijing,' Wounds of Attachment ratchets up the stakes on Mai Martin, an American woman working in Beijing.
This political thriller twists loss and power, smuggling and revenge, and the forces of sovereign nations with individual integrity.
Who is watching for her and follows to the train station? The para-military gang, led by double agent General MA, is intent on revenge from last year's bust at Wenzhou.
A megalomaniac Major General with charisma and Utopian ideals about the future of New China turns the tables on the Homeland Security.
ShaLiauthor.com is a pseudonym to protect the identities of people who inspired characters in this fast paced and gorgeously patterned spy thriller.  Names have been changed.


Missing!  If you see this Modern Art Fish, please return to Cheryl Petty.  Last seen 2013 on lamp post in front of the Dunsmuir Brewery.