Beijing Abduction screenplay

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Are you looking for a crossover story that connects contemporary Chinese and American culture in a fast paced screenplay?  CWP Publishing seeks Chinese partner to promote An American in Beijing series.

New art VIDEO

by Modern Media

Deborah Lawrence creates threads of words and images cut with color in her expressionistic surreal collages which the times have caught up with.  

A Video Gallery on the site displays 26 short films including  2009 bonsai videos published on Vimeo.

Strumpet of Justice is an installation of artworks by Deborah Faye Lawrence, an artist who has been registering her grievances against tyranny since 1980. The exhibition features new and historic satirical works occasioned by today's bizarre political climate. Exhibit August 2017 Bonfire Gallery, Seattle WA

Modern Media marquee, photo by R. Cox

Modern Media marquee, photo by R. Cox