Beijing Abduction screenplay

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Are you looking for a crossover story that connects contemporary Chinese and American culture in a fast paced screenplay?  CWP Publishing seeks Chinese partner to promote An American in Beijing series.

New drone VIDEO

by Josh Spurlock

This short piece swoops around Mt. Bradley at 5556 feet and looks around at Castle Crags to the south, Lake Siskiyou and Mt Shasta to the north.  

A Video Gallery on the site displays 26 short films including  2009 bonsai videos published on Vimeo.

It was 1986 when the tram proposal was declined by the council. Alan Harvey was city manager and pulled hard for it. Helen Cartwright was on the council and probably the only positive vote!! The time is right for the project to return. Everyone who hears about it loves the idea and wants to support it.

Modern Media marquee, photo by R. Cox

Modern Media marquee, photo by R. Cox