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Modern Media

Cine West launches Modern Media marquee.  

Thus men who have made it hide their tracks:  unifying categories and interpenetrating things."

                                                                                       --From "Cold Mountain: Poems Han-shan shih

Cheryl Petty

Professional Profile

Cheryl Petty, a writer and artist, lives in Northern California and works in Beijing, PR China.  An alumnus of UCLA, in 2011, she worked at Tsinghua University in Beijing in the Overseas Promotion Department.  In 2012, she co-authored a paper with the department director, CHEN Hong, at an international communications conference sponsored by the Applied Foreign Languages Department of the Hainan University Tourism College, “Building an English Website for Chinese Universities” in November 2013, conducting primary research and presenting findings from the point of view of user interface in the hierarchy of Information Architecture.

Petty is a freelance writer and video artist for Bonsai Focus, a global bonsai magazine translated into six languages, and Golden Statements, magazine of the Golden State Bonsai Federation in California from 2009 to present.

An american in beijing

Abduction thriller series

CWP Publishing recently completed the third book in the series, Escape from Here. an extension of the jeopardy created by the collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Second in the series, 'An American in Beijing,'Wounds of Attachment ratchets up the stakes on Mai Martin, an American woman working in Beijing.  Available at

This political thriller twists loss and power, smuggling and revenge, and the forces of sovereign nations with individual integrity.

Who is watching for her and follows to the train station?  The para-military gang, led by double agent General MA, is intent on revenge from last year's bust at Wenzhou.

A megalomaniac Major General with charisma and Utopian ideals about the future of New China turns the tables on the Homeland Security.

Beijing Abduction, a Chinese espionage thriller which readers give five-star ratings on  This story was inspired by Petty's experiences when she worked for a year at a Chinese university. The character, Mai Martin, developed in her imagination as she tried to make sense of the intense cyber scrutiny she was subjected to.  First in the series 'An American in Beijing.'

ShaLi is a pseudonym to protect the identities of people who inspired characters. 

Availabe e-book on Kindle and print.

Thanks to Rick Cox for the image of a screen cap of James Arness as "THE THING" from the 1951 film of the same name.  He outlined the image in that color using a stylus on the iPad and then that composite image was processed in an app. called Decim8,