The first video, Horned Dragon, is an arty experiment combining poetry and calligraphy done in 2009.  You can see A Taste of Dunsmuir from 2010 with a lot of happy, mildly drunk people in the snow from 2010.  That same year produced Lights Fog Wind Grass, filmed at the Dunsmuir Botanical Garden’s annual Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra concert, featuring an original composition by Gabriella SmithIris Credo sings and plays acoustic guitar at an art show and Linda Tomoko Mihara folds origami in San Francisco.  

In 2011, the year I was in Beijing, New China TV presents a contemporary ballet bassed on a Ming dynasty story Peony Pavilion.  The dead people in striking costumes dance a swquence with the King of the Underworld.  There's more to the story.  Read about it here in April 2011 Breakfast Letter.