Bonsai Living Art

Philosophy of Accents

For spring match blooming branches of flowering plum (prunus mume) or quince (chaenomeles) with austere and patient dark green conifers, pines or hemlock (tsuga) or Japanese cypress (chamaecyparis). Together with other blooming plants such as hydrangea, they can make their own mini-bonsai arrangements. Summer is a good time to show zelkova with hosta and succulents. These could be each in their own pot or combined in the same one.

Fall color dominates with branches of elm and beech, ginkgo, berries and grasses, and equisetum (horsetail rush) is paired with curled pines. My favorite is callicarpa bodeneri (Beauty Berry) violet berries paired with a red berry companion or miniature Japanese chrysanthemum.

For winter little conifers of cryptomeria and chamaecyparis combine well with osmanthus, a variegated holly, bamboo, fruited citrus and cactus.

Trip to Japan

In February 2008 I visited Japan to see the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibiton and smaller bonsai collections of living bonsai masters, sensei.

Tree Gallery


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Chico Bonsai Society Annual Spring Show 2010

24-25th April 2010 ANNUAL SPRING SHOW Chico CARD Center


We are excited to show Japanese White Pines from Japan this year. Pines love our cold, snowy winters and thrive here in the mountains. 


Who can resist loving these flowering beauties? They are amazing in their gracefullness and beauty. 


There are many types of junipers, and they all make wonderful bonsai specimens. 


Alas, we sometimes have to part with our favorite trees when they go to a new home when they are sold. We still love to remember them.