Breakfast Letter Redding Book Party April 29


Departure Beijing to Pyongyang

After the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 2 personnel have loaded numerous, huge, boxed parcels, they now start with the luggage.  We're already late taking off.  I can see my tao hongsede bag sitting on the tarmac.  

A distinguished Norwegian man and I visit for several minutes.  He shows me the DPRK page in his diplomatic passport.  I end up sitting between him and a young Austrian man.  We chat between us for the hour trip.  

The Norwegian man, who remains nameless, is met by two ladies from the Swedish Embassy.  19:09 Beijing time, 8:10 Pyongyang time.  Max, the Austrian, is staying at the same hotel as I am, the Yanggakdo International.  I'm on the fortieth floor.  We eat dinner together in the mainly deserted dining room.  It's off season for tourism.

Maxamillian is 24 years old and is going to business school in Thailand.  He's also going on an independent tour, but with another travel agency.  

The menu tonight is beer, kimchee soup, salad of shredded carrot, spinach and potato followed by noodle soup with chicken slivers and green onion, mifan rice, fish filet, pork cutlet with pickles, baby potato fries and shui water.  Vinegar and hot pepper flake seasoning is on the table.  The beer is 6Y, $.98, EUR .5.

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