New Edition of Beijing Abduction, a 2014 Novel by Sha Li

It deals with intertwined themes of loyalty, identity and state power.  Pervading the story, the breath of chi, desire tan and fate yuenfen drive the characters as surely as integrity, coercion or greed for power.

In the spring of 2011, Mai Martin, a restless American woman takes an English-language-expert job at a fictional university in Beijing, leaving her husband behind in Northern California. He is unusually supportive, but then, he has motives of his own. When she discovers that her computer is being monitored and hacked by Chinese security and she is being followed by North Korean operatives, she finds out much more about these motives. But when he comes to Beijing for a visit, all hell breaks loose and lives are at risk. Beijing Abduction is a political thriller set in contemporary China with a deep cyber-spying theme.

New Features

The Kindle eBook now has a full-color, two-page map of Asia with the main cities in the series An American in Beijing highlighted with an old-fashioned map pin.  The print books display the map in black and white.  Thanks to Bryce Craig at Pusher, Inc for the image based on a 1970 edition of Goode’s World Atlas.  At the end, a section ‘Who’ lists the numerous characters by the chapter in which they first appear.  Also, a new section ‘Words’ provides Mandarin pinyin to English for foreign words in the story. 

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