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Sha Li is excited because, since she launched her new website, book sales have spiked.  Let her know what you think of the story and characters.  You can contact her by email or write a review at  She might be a pseudonym, but she's real flesh and blood and wants to chat with you.

Beijing Abduction is inspired by the author’s experiences when she worked for a year as a website developer and English editor at a university in Beijing, PR China. The story of Mai Martin developed in her imagination as she tried to make sense of the intense cyber-spying she was subjected to.

An American in Beijing political thriller series set in contemporary China, jumps from one side of the country to the other.  In the next book of the series, Wounds of Attachment, Mai Martin travels from Sebastopol, California, where she has been stuck for months as the antagonistic forces yank her visa and terminate her employment, to Beijing, where her husband is awarded damages for the treatment he suffered last year as a captive of General MA and his paramilitary gang.

Mai is reunited with her Chinese lover, Ronald Zhao, and the unlikely threesome travel to Xi'an, with the North Koreans on their tail.  From there things escalate.  Mai travels back to Beijing while the weapons of mass destruction are beginning their transit from Pyongyang through Abu Dhabi to Mogadishu.  

 "I can't tell you everything!  I don't want to spoil it, but be ready to dive into a twisted tale of power, revenge, loss, patriotism and smuggling," says Sha Li.


She wants to hear from you.  Tell her what you think about her story.  Did you care about the main character, Mai Martin?  Was the ending satisfying?  Do you want to know what happens next?


She wants to hear from you.