Sha Li wants to see you at Dunsmuir Railroad Days June 10

Stretch your legs and walk around historic downtown Dunsmuir Saturday, June 10.  In front of the Pizza Factory, near the heartbeat intersection of Dunsmuir Avenue and Pine Street, local authors wait to thrill you with their stories.

It’s a stroll to the Cornerstone Bakery, a long-time favorite for comfort dining, and the California Theatre marquee.  Continue up the street to the Dunsmuir Brewery Works, but then you’d think this was about cookbooks or cuisine.

Dunsmuir Railroad Days presents Sha Li, a pseudonym, greeting fans and selling books from ten to two. 

Imagine China and the US collaborating and cooperating on espionage, cyber and physical spying, and the apprehension of international criminals for their mutual aid and benefit, and you get the idea of the American in Beijing series of three books.

The main character, Mai Martin, flies into a web of deceit and danger.  Every movement to extricate binds her in new ways.  She’s forced to work for General HUANG by day and be his mistress at night while her husband is a prisoner in Beijing Military Region Prison No.1, all for the anti-corruption movement, Fan Fu Xing Dong.

Another character, Ron Zhao, returns from the dead, and the man who killed him is captured and sentenced to execution and organ harvesting.  Ron’s return to the living, his own redemption, redeems the life of his murderer.

Sha Li says
“I love to sprinkle bits of realism into the story, descriptions of food or horticultural details from the time I lived in Beijing.  I guess that’s the link to good food to be found in Dunsmuir for Railroad Days.”

About the author

Sha Li prefers the shadowy anonymity of a pseudo-existence, shedding the metroplex culture and writing in seclusion of Northern California.

·         Escape from Here on sale now at Amazon.com. in paperback or Kindle format.  New images and excerpts for all three books here.