3 Trailers from CWP Publishing

Suddenly panicked, he doesn’t see her the farther he penetrates the bamboo grove.  He runs.  On the other side are rows of parked cars.  Another memory, of the Park Avenue and now he remembers the kick!  He leans on his arms against his thighs until the pounding in his ears subsides.

“Are you okay?” she asks.  Suddenly she’s standing next to him in the hot sun, not in the snow.

“I guess, I’m… remembering things.”

Dui, this is the place.  Here, in the parking lot, they grabbed Rick,” she points to the back of a monolithic building on the other side of the cars.  “We chased them.  It was snowing.”

A metallic taste in his throat gags.

“We can go.  You look ill,” she continues, concerned.

Ron straightens, shrugs off the unpleasant sensations and smiles at her knitted brows.  “Bu fengle, don’t worry.  The Commander says to meet him at the coffee bar, you know where. Zouba.”

Walking along the avenue next to the canal, families with baby strollers and toddlers are out enjoying the day.  Pretty girls twirl umbrellas resting on their shoulders.  A humongous bush of double yellow roses tumbles over the wall and reflects in the still water below. 

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Sha Li at 5th Annual Literary Festival

“It’s not enough that you’ve been a tough champion of the people and rooted out gobs of corruption.  You have to tell them what you’ve done.  And video.  Really powerful stuff.  Can we use any of the bust video from Xi’an?”

The really powerful video from Lianyungang has already filtered through the selection committee.  Mai doesn’t know it, but the tee-shirt contest clip has made the rounds.  HUANG paid 1,000 yuan to the karaoke host for a copy of the video made by the sleazy entrepreneur.  He knew it was a matter of time before it would circulate farther.

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Escape from Here

Knocking softly, he tries the door handle.  It’s unlocked.  He enters.

Mai hears the door latch and stirs.  Her form sits up in bed and her voice floats into him.  It merges in his memory when she looks his way and asks, “Ron?”

Suddenly both are shy. 

“Mai?” he hoarsely whispers. “I…”

“Are you…?”

Resurrection of her memory emerges from a pool of pain.  Like a piece of flesh torn out of his brain. 

He begs her, “Help me … remember…”

“Come here,” she begs in return.

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