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Airplane Joyride Tour in the DPR of Korea

Mt Paekdu – Mt Chilbo – Wonsan

Three cities – Four cities – Five cities

AN24 40-seat airplane

1.      Pyongyang-Samjiyon-Pyongyang:  1 night 2 days4,500 Euro

On the first day of the tour, you will fly to Smjiyon airport and then drive to Mt Paekdu.  The day is spent hiking on the mountain to Lake Chon and driving to the Paekdu Secret Camp, Leader Kim Jon Il’s Native Home which is the Headquarters Log Cabin.  You will spend the night in Pegaebong Hotel.

      The next day, you will visit Rimyongsu Waterfall, Paekdu Hall and Samjiyon Grand Monument.  After lunch, you return to Pyongyang by air.

2.      Pyongyang-Samjiyon-Orang-Pyongyang:  2 nights 3 days 5,500 Euro

This tour is the same as the first one except that instead of flying from Samjiyon Airport for Pyongyang, you will continue your air tour, flying to Orang Airport in North Hamgyong Province.  From there you will drive to Mt Chilbo to see the Sungson Pavilion, Kaesim Temple and end the day at the Outer Chilbo Hotel overnight.

      The next day you will return to Pyongyang after a morning of sightseeing and seafood lunch in Kyongsong County.

3.      Pyongyang-Samjiyon-Orang-Kalma-Pyongyang:  3 nights 4 days6,500 Euro

This tour continues where the previous one returns to Pyongyang.  You fly to Kalma Airport in Wonsan City and from there drive to the Nursery House and Baby Home in Wonsan.  Tonight you will stay overnight at the Wonsan Tongmyong Hotel.

Taedong River, Pyongyang

      The morning is a combination of visiting the Songdowon International Children’s camp and relaxing at the Songdowon Sea-bathing Resort.  After lunch you will return to Pyongyang.

Joyride in the skies of Pyongyang

Fly high in the blue, blue clear sky over Pyongyang

a.       AN24 40-seat airplane:  $100 per person

b.      MI17 12-seat helicopter:  $150 per person

c.       5-seat light plane: $750

d.      3-seat plane:  $800

You will fly over the Tadong River and see the Sports Village, Turu Islet, Mirae Scientist Street, Juche Tower and many more sights, landing at Pyongyang Airport and having lunch there.

These air tours have no specific schedule and can be combined with public tour itineraries.  Prices are for chartered airplane and do not include tour fee.  Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about these tours.  Ask Mr Wang how he can customize a tour for you and your group.