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Marathoners pass by Arch Triumph

Marathoners pass by Arch Triumph

Pyongyang Marathon Tour

“Mangyongdae Prize” Pyongyang International Marathon Championship

This event is annually held in Kim Il Sung Stadium, Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPR of Korea in every April and since 2014 it has been open to public so that all of the amateurs and tourists can participate in it at their own desire. This marathon tour is raising up the tremendous popularity among the western tourists.

It is divided into 2 categories to be held, of which one is for professional athletes and the other one is for amateurs including the tourists.

Competition consists of 10-km marathon, 20-km one and full one (42.195km), all participants have simultaneous start and the tourists have an option which one is available for him/her to attend in. The participation fee is 60$/1p-10km, 80$/1p-20km and 110$/1p-full marathon as a surcharge.

The tourist, who are not attended in the marathon competition, find themselves in the opening and closing ceremony of this championship and watch the football match of A-level in the stadium while in the marathon competition. In this case, the admission fee is 20$/1p for them.

The Participation Certificate will be awarded to all of the participants and the prize and medal-giving ceremony is held for the winners after competition.

4N5D tour is the best for this special tour and the participation fee is charged on the spot, apart from the package tour fee.

Tour program is composed of visiting some sightseeing places in Pyongyang, Kaesong city, Mt. Myohyang area and so on as well as marathon championship and world-famous Taekwondo Demonstration of the Korean masters. Not only amateurs but also professional athletes can participate in it as a tourist.

In this case, they should submit their career in a professional for the last 3 years with an attached paper when they apply this tour. Then, they can attend in the professional category (42.195km) under the condition of free of participation fee, and if win, he/she will have an honorable mention, medal, prize money and a certificate conferred upon him/her.

When they apply the tour as a tourist, the convenience are an easy procedure, a short time for application and low expense for consumption.

Welcome to the DPR of Korea!

Mansudae Grand Monument of Presidents

Standard Marathon Itinerary – 4 Night 5 Day

Flexible, add side trips

1D: Arrival in Pyongyang by air/train, Grand Monument on Mansu Hill,

Check-in at the hotel, Itinerary discussion, Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Inspection of Taekwondo training of the Korean trainers and world famous Taekwondo Demonstration

UNESCO World Heritage site June Juche 102 (2013)

2D: Departure for Kaesong City, Panmunjom in DMZ, Kaesong Koryo Museum, Tomb of King Kong-Min, Heading back to Pyongyang,Taekwondo Holy Center

3D: Departure for Mt. Myohyang, International Friendship Exhibition House, Pohyon Temple, Back to Pyongyang, School Children`s Palace, Mangyongdae Native Home

4D: ”Mangyongdae Prize” Pyongyang International Marathon Championship, Pyongyang Subway, Munsu Water Park, Juche Tower, Party Foundtion Monument, City tour (dolphinarium or water park, horse-riding club or bowling alley, shopping or brewery beer bar to drink, Kaeson Youth Park (funfair), Farewell dinner5D: Departure by air/train

Add another day and get a visit to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, US spy ship “PUEBLO”, Departure for Kaesong City, Sariwon Folklore Park on the way to Kaesong, Tomb of King Kong-Min in Kaesong City, Ryongtong Temple, Dinner and overnight at the Kaesong Folklore Hotel (Korean style).

Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about these tours.  The specialized tours above can be added to any basic itinerary.  Ask Mr Wang how he can customize a tour for you and your group.