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Steam Locomotive Tour in DPRK

Welcome to the DPR of Korea

Narrow guage engine with guides

With the rapid development of science and technology, mankind’s dream is becoming reality and the people are enjoying their happy lives thanks to the high standard of modern living due to advanced science and technology.  It seems as if they have nothing to envy, however, sometimes the people reflect on the past and want to relive it experientially.

Steam locomotives are good examples.  Almost 200 years have elapsed since their debut in 1823.  Railfans around the world want to experience steam travel, but few engines remain today.

In view of the main purpose to provide interest for tourists to visit DPRK, this Steam Locomotive Tour offers something unique.

In the morning, you will travel to the Kujang Railway Station.  On the train tour you will visit the International Friendship Exhibition House and the 1000 year-old Pohyon Buddhist Temple before returning by train to the Kujang Station.

The Paci5-23 or 2-3 steam locomotives, used in the early 20th century, can lead five or six cars including the engine, dining car and three or four passenger cars.  The running route is between the Kujang and Hyangsan Railway Stations in the Mt Myohyang area, about 20km long and takes an hour one way.  The train will stop along the way for photo opportunities.

Catenary on push-pull engine

The passenger car is also vintage 20th century and has seats for 35.  One private compartment is available for 4-6 passengers. 

Best season for tour is Nov to March.  Reserve tour two months prior to entry date. 4 nights 5 days Steam Loco Charter fee:  $8,000 per group.  Package tour fee:  350 Euros per person.  Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about this 5 day 6 night tour.