Korea International Taekwon-Do Travel Company

Taekwon-Do Experiencing Tour

The KITTC will always welcome you to the DPR of Korea


The KITTC has newly developed the Taekwondo tour intinerary for advanced students and amateurs from around the world and to all KITTC customers.  This exclusive itinerary aims for the exchange and cooperation with Taekwondo in the world.  You will learn about the origins of Taekwando at the Taekwondo Holy Center in Pyongyang from world renouned Korean Taekwondo instructors.  This is an exclusive and specific program of KITTC.


You will receive a private lesson at the Center focusing on your personal development and participate in a group lesson to promote friendship with each other.  The Taekwondo Training Certificate will be awarded at a special ceremony to those learning Taekwondo in DPRK on behalf of the KTC under the ITF.

The tour includes a visit to the birthplace of Taekwondo and the opportunity to purify and train themselves mentally and physically.  The beautiful scenic spots you will visit sightseeing like Mt Kumgang, Mt Myohyang and Mt Chilbo will be deeply engraved in your memories.

The day after your arrival in Pyongyang you will visit the tomb of General Choi, founder of Taekwondo, Pyongyang Metro, Arch of Triumph and the Mangyongdae Native House before visiting the Taekwondo Holy Center for a lecture and joint training.

The next day you will travel to Mt Myohyang, 160km from Pyongyang where you will see the International Friendship Exhibition House and the Pohyon Buddhist Temple where you will conduct field training in So-San Tul or pattern style before returning to Pyongyang.

The next day is a visit to the Mansudae Art Studio before a series of lectures and training in the Tan-Gun Tul pattern style and the Ju-Che Tul pattern style.  In the afternoon you will depart for Nampho, 68km away and check into the Ryonggang Hot Spa Resort.

The next day you will receive instruction at the West Sea Barrage and visit the Chongsan Cooperative Farm before returning to Pyongyang for a tour of the Sci-Tech Complex and a trip to the circus.

This next day you travel to Kaesong, 168km from Pyongyang to see the DMZ and conduct field training for Po-Un Tul pattern style.  You will take in the tomb of King Kong-Min and the Monument to 3-Charters for the national Reunification where there is another training in Tong-Il Tul pattern style.

The last day starts with horseback riding at the Mirim Riding Club followed by a gathering at the Taekwondo Holy Center for joint training and a friendly match of pattern and sparring.  The certificates will be awarded and expert students will perform a demonstration.

Package tour fee 180 Euros per person, down to 75 Euros for a group of more than ten.  Taekwan-do Training Tuition Fee 120 Euros per person.  Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about this 5 day 6 night tour.