Pinus parviflora  $2007Picea glauca 'Conica'Abies magnifica


JAPANESE WHITE PINE is 30 years old and was imported to California from Japan by Scott Chadd. It is grafted onto Black Pine/pinus thunburgii rootstock, cultivar unknown.DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE Not your usual bonsai, not really a bonsai at all says James Scott, sensei of Dunsmuir.RED FIR collected at Gumboot Lake 6500-feet elevation in Siskiyou County. “I dug it out of a snowbank shaded by it's huge mother,” says Cheryl Petty.


Pinus parviflora is monoecious, which means plants hve both male and female reproductive units (flowers, cones) on the same plant. The young bark is smooth and gray, aging to dull gray, rough, fissured and peeling into scales. Needles (leaves) are 5 per bundle(fascicle) 3-6 cm (1-2.5 inches) long, stiff and twisted forming blue/green tufts of foliage at branch tips.Picea glauca 'Conica' is a dwarf version of White Spruce discovered near Alberta, Canada at the beginning of the 20th century. The foliage is light green with very thin needles 1/2 inch (1.2cm) long radiating around the stem.Abies magnifica has three varieties all occurring in the same geographic areas of Cascade and Sierra mountains. The older bark is deeply fissured and dark red. Young foliage has a whitish coating and later becomes blue-green. Needles (leaves) are 1-3.5 cm (.5-1.5 inches) spirally arranged in bundles of 1-5.



Chico Bonsai Society Show 2010 This fine Japanese White Pine approximately 35 years old and imported to the US from Japan won several prizes at the annual show this year. ‘Best of Show’, ‘Demonstrator's Choice’, and ‘Moyogi Class’.