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Winter Skiing Tour in DPR Korea

Gorgeous mountains and natural forests, clear and fresh air, quality snow, Masikyrong Ski resort welcomes you during ski season Dec to Feb

Ski at one of the newest resorts in the world, built in 2013 in the face of crippling sanctions on the Masikryong Range which rises like a backbone down the center of the country.  The highest point is Taehwa Peak (1,363m).  Maskik Pass (1500m) is situated at the outskirts of Wonsan City, capital of Kangwon Province, and is 170km from Pyongyang.

The story about Masik Pass is that it is so high that in former times, people fed and rested their horses several times during the crossing.  This story about Masik Pass is recorded in Ri Dynasty records. 

Masikryong Ski Resort (500m) slopes accommodate the beginner and advanced skier.

New, Clean, Cozy and Modernized

Masikryong Hotel is designed like a remote mountain lodge harmonizing with the natural surroundings while offering the level of comfort expected by discriminating travelers.  Internet is available. 

New Year’s Day Tour Dec 30 – Jan 4

You arrive in Pyongyang on December 30.  The next day you leave for Kaesong, 168km away from Pyongyang to see the DMZ on the border of south Korea.  On the way backc you will visit historical sites at the Kaesong Koryo Museum built 1000 years ago and the Monument to 3 Charters for the National Reunificaion on the way back to Pyongyang.  There you will observe Taekwondo training and demonstrations before an evening fireworks gala to celebrate the New Year.

Juche tower

The next day you take in the Pyongyang downtown sights: the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, the Pyongyang Metro, Arch of Triumph, visit to private home of a university teacher, Juche Tower, and a performance at the Pyongyang Circus before heading out of town to the Maskkryong Ski Resort for another New Year’s Day celebration.

January 2, the next day, is devoted to skiing.  January 3 morning starts of with skiing before heading back to Pyongyang after lunch.  On the way back you will see the Tomb of King Dongmyong.

8 hour ski pass and rental equipment $80.  1 hour snow motorcycle rental $77.  Ice skate and snow sled also available. 

Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about the ski slopes’ length, width, and drop and other details about the resort and this 5 day 6 night tour.