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Wonsan Air festival – 2016

Sept 24 – Sept 26

Kalma Airport and Songdowon Sea-bathing Resort in Wonsan City

September 24:  Ariel Acrobatics (war and civilian planes)

September 25:  Joyride (3/5-seater light airplane), Demonstration radio controlled planes and Parachute Match.

September 26:  Balloon Flight, Traditional Festival, Fireworks Gala

The first night, you will check into the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang.  In the morning you depart for Wonsan City, 200km away from Pyongyang.  On the way the tour takes in the Mausoleum of King Tong-Myong and seafood lunch in Wonsan city.

View from DPR of Korea side of Demilitarized Zone - DMZ

The next day the festival begins with Ariel Acrobatics.  The following days are consumed with joyrides and balloon flights, and fireworks. 

You return to the Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang.  The next day trip heads to Kaesong City, 160km from Pyongyang, and the DMZ.  A fabulous Pansanggi-Korean tradition lunch is followed by a side trip to the tomb of King Kong-Min before heading back to Pyongyang and a farewell dinner.

        Standard itinerary:  7 nights 8 days

1 person:          1500 Euro plus Air Festival fee

2-5 persons:  1050 Euro per person plus Air Festival fee

6-9 persons:  780 Euros per person plus Air Festival fee

10+ persons:  590 Euros per person plus Air Festival fee

Air Festival Fee:  250 Euro per person, 500Euro for VIP

250 Euro ticket includes:  entrance fee, admission ticket

500 Euro ticket includes:  entrance fee, admission ticket, reserved seat, dainties service, servant at restaurants and the festival places

Apply by July.

Pansanggi-Korean traditional meal

Standard Tour itinerary

1.      4 nights 5 days:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt Myohyang

2.      5 nights 6 days:  Option A:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt Myohyang-Nampho

       5 nights 6 days:  Option B:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Wonsan-Mt Kumgang

3.      6 nights 7 days:  Option A:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt Myohyang-Nampho-Wonsan

              6 nights 7 days:  Option B:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt myohyang-wonsan-Mt Kumgang

4.      7 nights 9 days:  Option A:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt myohyang-Wonsan-Mt Kumgang

       7 nights 9 days:  Option B:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-MtMyohyang-Wonsan-Hamhung

5.      8 nights 9 days:  Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt Myohyang-Nampho-Wonsan-Mt Kumgang-Hamhung

Contact China Voyage agent Mr Mark Wang at markwl@chinavoyage.cn for information about these tours.  The specialized tours above can be added to any basic itinerary.  Ask Mr Wang how he can customize a tour for you and your group.